93. 9/16/14
Today was actually good but I’m bummed out
I was supposed to hang out with Scott but he went to play poker with his friends that he doesn’t even like that much and he only goes “because he has nothing better to do” and its like.
Its not a big deal I’m just stressed about everything and tomorrow is gonna be rough and I don’t know why stuff is happening and ugh.
Soundtrack: anaconda obviously

92. 9/15/14
Hot gross day at school
Weird afternoon
Fhe was cute & hung with Scott
Blurry selfie plus he would not sit up for it. Rude. But he’s cute.
Almost done with oitnb yeeee

91. 9/14/14
Today I:
Made 80 cookies.
Did my visiting teaching
Did a finance chapter & quiz
Took 3 food quizzes
Did my laundry
Cleaned my room
Popped that one zit (you know the one)
Prepped everything for tomorrow
Planned all my outfits for the week
Caught up (mostly) on work
KILLEDIT in fantasy football. I’m beating everyone. Hell yeah.

Made a new playlist and got it on my phone. All of Bastille’s bad blood and a lot of radio stuff. I found my baby powder!!! Celebrating by not washing my hair. Praise.

Also the patriots won and the chargers won
And it was stake conference and I had a very productive 2 hours of finance notes.

Also I’m falling in love byee kill me

90. 9/13/14
Slept in, jobs, shower, finished ahs season 1, took a nao, chilled, worked, date, oitnb. A good day. Its funny though we seriously went on a 45 minute date like
Scott is so tired from having to work 5am -6pm this weekend he picked me up at 6:30 and dropped me off at 7:15 and went to bed. Loser. But he’s cute.
Decided I’m going to be an owl for Halloween I’m so excited it s gonna be adorable. Like a huge black T-shirt with the sleeves cut off and fabric feathers sewn on and my black thigh high socks and huge feathery falsies and awesome makeup
Halloween is life
Soundtrack: all about that bass

89. 9/12/14
Got a LITTLE carried away in bed today buuuuut I was also singing anaconda so its chill
Soundtrack: dancing with the dj- the knocks

88. 9/11/14
Good classes I guess
Lost my bus pass for a while which sucked
Hung out with Jesse which rocked
Watched the game with Scott and it was good :)
Soundtrack: I’ll follow you into the dark

87. 9/10/14
So beyond stressed this morning. Got home at 1 and did tons of homework and cleaning. So that was good.
Soundtrack: bang bang

86. 9/9/14 Tues
Longest day at school omg 11 hours. Tg I had my charger. Hung out with Jesse and Emily abs watched some AHS. Food class was good but weird cuz the teach is psycho.
Scott drove me home and we went in the hot tub and cuddled and talked in bed which I love and it was perf.
Soundtrack: I’ve got the magic

85. 9/8/14
Rainy ish, classes were OK, fhe was weird but it was good with Scott, chargers lost. So tired.
Soundtrack: rather be by clean bandit

84. 9/7/14
Church with s and then pats game and some lovely other things
He’s so mmmm.
Chilled and then ward prayer and choir.