38. 7/22/14 
Called for a job, wrote a cover letter that didn’t suck, updated resume and did a ton of work
Lots of gossip girl
(*dair* omg) also I love ivy and hate Serena and lily rn
Talked to Chelsea on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the best I miss her a million
Soundtrack: things we lost in the fire by Bastille

33-37 —> 7/21/14
Went to a new ward, and it was great! Fhe volleyball was awesome. Choir practices and blah blah. Got a Pat’s jersey that I’m pumped about.
And I’m feelin prit good.
Working a lot and I applied for another job too, which I probably won’t get. But it’s worth a try?
So pumped for these next few weeks.

Soundtrack: cast away by strange talk & all of Bastille’s bad blood album

30/31/32 —> 7/16/14
Fhe at bridal veil. Drove my family to the hairport. Went to Craig’s office and stuff and stuff.
Soundtrack: love runs out by one republic

29. 7/13/14
Asher was like on crack today and instead of napping she cried for an hour and had a panic attack heyo
My mom came over for lunch which went pretty well and she didn’t make too many comments about us eating crepes with as much sugar as possible and stuff. And she tried on my skirts didn’t actively try to make me feel fat so good for her
Church was good and I mailed letters to dani Audrey and Sofia. Yay. I’m freaking out already though about
1. Allreds coming to stay tomorrow which means I don’t have a bed and me and Lachelle working out will be judged hardcore by people who are majorly in shape
2. I have to go to a new church next week by myself where I know no one. Shit. I promised Lachelle I would go to the ysa ward so I would have friends but like. HELP ME.
3. I continue to be floored by how much weight I’ve gained. 40 pounds in a year what the fuck.

Soundtrack: singing along to the Disney Pandora station with kyrie

28. 7/12/14
Slept in, watched gossip girl all day (finished season 3) went to Natalie’s piano recital.
Soundtrack: problem (again)

The condos 2014
Soundtrack: problem by Ariana grande

23. 7/7/14
Better day today because I spent basically all day at the pool
And ate just junk food and said screw it I’m gonna do whatever
ALso can we talk about how good my boobs look
So good.
Good emails from missionaries
New swimsuit hOlla
Soundtrack: stay with me by Sam smith

22. 7/6/14
Sunday, Meh
In charge of a musical number that sucked and then tried to skip church but my mom made me come back and I was hatin on everyone
Good meeting with Craig and stuff about TF
feeling sooookkkllloooo huge ugh
Watched teen wolf
And had the weirdest discussion about “intimacy” whatever that even means.
I’m gonna be OK but it’s hard to make myself think in ways that are different than what I’ve been doing


21 7/5/14
Packed and cleaned and Lachelle was sick
Now I’m pineview dam and DAMN Could it be prettier? Like. Wow.
Had a deep convo with brent and Clark. I love my uncles they are so weird and amazing.
Soundtrack: gimme love by ed sheerab